What kind of plane do you fly?

Cherokee 140
In the supermarket this evening I spotted a woman with distinctive white hair coming down the aisle towards me. I thought I recognized her as half of a couple, friends of my neighbor, who I had taken flying a couple of years ago.

I’d run into them several times since, and they always stop to say “hi” and ask how the flying is going.

As we passed, I waved and said hello. The woman looked at me, puzzled, and asked if she was supposed to know me.

I could tell now that this was not the same lady.

Sorry, I said. I thought that I had taken you and your husband flying.


But my husband IS a pilot.

Then she continues, “What kind of plane do you have?”

A Piper Cherokee, I answer.

The look on her face was all-telling.

“Oh NO! He wouldn’t have gotten into THAT.

(Source Unknown)