Using % in NSString

It probably says this somewhere, but I missed it. I’m writing results to the screen and to a file and it works fine with this code for my table headers:

tableHeader = @"<table width='100%' border='1'><tr><th colspan='2'>Presentations</th></tr>";

I wanted to adjust the colspan depending on the number of presentations for different conditions. So I put the code into an NSString like so:

NSInteger numColumns = 6;
tableHeader = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"<table width='100%' border='1'><tr><th colspan='%d'>Presentations</th></tr>", numColumns];

The table no longer takes up the whole page. I tried escaping the 100% like you normally do \% but that didn’t do anything. The correct way to escape a percent sign is to double it. e.g. %%

So now you know.

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