It’s amazing how many files you can create when developing software. I had backups scattered over several disks and CDs and recently cleaned everything up. This is the backup of my backup.

I upgraded to a Mac Mini and just use my laptop for accounting and my database since the programs are too old to run on Mountain Lion. I got a little scare though when my laptop wouldn’t boot up. Turns out the battery was so far gone that it wouldn’t even hold enough charge to start the computer. Since I wasn’t using the computer for daily work, I got out of the habit of backing it up so the last backup was a couple of months old. I picked up a cheap ($12) 10GB USB stick for backup. Then I decided to make a second copy of the data on my computer. This one goes to the office so I’ll have a recent backup in case something happens to the computer and the backup in the house.

I also have a git repository for the apps that I’m writing and it gets updated every day. Worst case there is that I lose a couple of hours of work.

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