Cleaning Up Addresses-Capitalization

Capitalizing words using BBEdit catches everything you want to change in the address field, but also picks up Carrier Route (Cr), Rural Route (Rr), Mail Stop (Ms), and PO Box (Po Box) so you need to manually change them back when you are done. There are also some Cb’s in my database but I don’t know what it stands for. You should be safe if you do a case sensitive search and replace for all but Cr. I only have a few Cr’s in my database so I looked at them and changed them manually. Look for [space]Cr[[space] and [beginning of line]Cr. Then you need to replace Ne, Se, Nw, Sw when they are at the end of a line or when they have a space after them. For highways, need to change Us to US. You’re going to miss a bunch of states as well.

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