I will love you in the morning.

I will love you in the morning
and once again at night
I will love you when we’re playing
and more so when we fight.

I look and long for tenderness
in all the words you say
but what I get is loneliness
from what you didn’t say.

I replay every moment
that I have spent with you.
My heart is filled with torment
by what your words can do.

In all our time together
you never spoke my name.
Still, I stop and wonder,
whether you can say the same.

For each of us has dreams
the other cannot fill
though now and then it seems
that possibly they will.

And now that you have chosen
that we should live apart.
It seems that time has frozen—
never more to start.

I cannot stop my caring,
though I wish I might.
I will love you in the morning.
And once again at night.