I wish

I wish I knew the reason
why she’s attached to me.
Is it just the season
or is it really me?

I wish I knew the words
locked inside her breast
the ones that I must say
to pass this loving test.

I wish to god I knew
what makes her want to stay.
What is it that I do
or feel or think or say.

I wish I knew the places
where she goes some nights.
What’s hidden in their faces?
What keeps her gone all night?

I wish I knew the others
who try to steal her time.
Why do they try to keep her
from telling me she’s mine.

I wish that she would give me
a chance to work things out.
It seems not matter what I do,
I can’t reverse that pout.

I wish I could forget
the words she said to me.
They’re all that I have left
to keep me company.

You have not been the first one
nor will you be the last.
I wish I knew the reason
that love must leave so fast.